Strawberry Plants

We just finished planting 2,000 strawberry plants. These are full size plants so by planting them in the fall they can get established and you get a full harvest in June. Conventional methods have you planting in the spring, waiting a year and then getting the bounty. We can’t wait to offer nutrient dense, chemical free strawberries to our customers next year.



Bed Preparation

We thought we should post about what it takes to prepare a bed before we plant into it. For those of you who follow us, you know we feed our soil with nutrients that are severely lacking in many soils these days. Coincidentally, these same nutrients are also lacking in our bodies as well. By feeding the soil, the plants uptake these nutrients and when we consume these plants, we are getting all of the benefits that we put into the soil. It’s pretty neat. First up is a bucket of “black gold” our own compost. We spread this by hand with a shovel. One of us is in the tractor while the other shovels it out while the tractor slowly backs up. Next, we have a picture of the tractor (last Sunday before the rains came) and in the bucket of the tractor are several containers. Within each container is a different mineral. We have lime, gypsum, colodial phosphate, stonedust, sulfate of potash, menafee humates, boron and probooster. There is one more that looks like coal, but the name escapes me right now. All of these get sprinkled (in certain amounts) on each bed by hand (our future hope is to get some kind of mechanical spreader). After all of this is done, we rototil the top layer and if applicable we put down the plastic and irrigation tape. Throughout the summer, we will feed the soil with fish emulsion, calcium or phosphorus. As you can see it is quite the process to prepare a bed. We enjoy this work and really want to provide our customers with good, nutritious, tasty food the way it use to taste many, many years ago.

Green bean seeds anyone?

Ok just got box 1 of my seed order today from Johnny’s. I lifted it up saying to myself boy is this heavy. I opened it up expecting to see all of my seeds but it only contained one package of seeds, 25,000 seeds of Provider green beans. Meant to order 5,000. Anyone want any at our cost? Let us know.

A Productive Day

Today was a great day.  Planted 50 raspberry plants, readied the new asparagus bed and planted 50 of those, reseeded the flats with various seeds of ones that did not germinate, put chicken wire up around the greenhouse to keep chickens out and move the chicken fence to greener pastures.  Quite a productive day.  Here’s a picture of the new asparagus bed. You will note a couple of supervisors inspecting our job.