I’m Bad

I’m bad.

I just typed a huge long post and lost it! Now it’s double bad as it’s been over a year and I haven’t blogged.

The gardens were great earlier this year. Nicely weeded – they looked like they belonged in a magazine. So why didn’t I take pictures? Beats me. We have been suffering with a lack of rain this summer. Some veggies did great and others not so great. Tomato have been going gangbusters. We’ve put up 52 QUARTS of spaghetti sauce. Yes quarts – that is a ton! I also picked a bushel of green tomatoes last week and put up 34 pints of piccalilli. I’ve dried tomatoes, we’ve eaten tomatoes any which way you can conceive eating one. I am tomatoed out! Beets did well this year too – really early. We’ve put up 52 pints of pickled beets. I have to say I do not like beets on their own but pickled beets taste great. A totally different flavor.

We decided to take on two farmer’s markets this summer. What a lot of extra work that has created. My husband is working a different shift now so he was able to handle a mid-week market. It’s nice to have extra funds. We would like to expand our greenhouse next year.

We lost our five bee hives over the winter. I harvested about 55 pounds of honey and put some frames in the freezer. We decided to downsize and only purchased one new package. We put the frames that we saved in with the new package and they are lovin it. We have two boxes full of honey and they’ve started working the third box.

We did great in maple syrup this year. This was our first year with vacuum. We got an early start which saved us as we had really warm weather the third week in March which shut down the sap run. We made 37 gallons of syrup. We hope to make at least this much next year. It was great not having to lug those 5 gallon buckets full of sap!

Decided not to raise pigs again this year. We each got a deer last fall and our freezer are full of meat so we decided to hold off. After years of hunting, I finally got my first deer. What an experience.

We are decluttering. With the prospect of a possible move in the future, the task of moving this farm is daunting. So we are unloading. We’ve listed several items on Craig’s List and probably will have a yard sale. It’s amazing how much “stuff” you accumulate over the years.

The knitting front is dismal. With no time at all this summer except to address the garden and the harvesting, I haven’t done much. I started a vest in May and was lucky enough to work on it maybe an hour or two each month. Now time is beginning to open up. Of course I have my other five projects still on the needles which I need to finish up. I’m hoping to make a serious dent in my projects this fall and winter. I need to figure out how to install the Ravelry button that keeps track of your progress on your projects.

In an attempt to earn some extra money with all of the “hobbies” I have, I have created an Etsy site. The link is here: http://www.etsy.com/shop/mparker32. I hope to be able to post some basket and soap items this weekend. So feel free to take a look. I already listed my beeswax candles. Will be putting my felted hand bags on there as well.

I guess that is it for now. I will try to be more diligent about blogging. Enjoy the fall season!

Camera is water logged

Sad news, now that I’ve decided to use my camera alot and post pictures on this blog I go and drop it in a lake.  Luckily it wasn’t too deep so I grabbed it but the camera is dead; however I pulled the card out and the pictures are saved.  So what follows are several post of pictures that I have taken the past couple of weeks and have been wanting to upload so here they are.  Not sure when the next post will be – need to buy a new camera some time along the way.  Yikes!  First pictures – red mustard growing where it wants – in the new Eqyptian onion bed.


A beautiful shot of Lady Slippers growing behind the house.  They are endangered in NH and we cannot pick them so I took a picture.  These are so nice.


Here’s a shot of a bee flying right above a rhodendrum flower and then a bee in the flower.


Finally got the pigs last Thursday.  Born April 12th.  Aren’t they cute!DSC02279


Hard to believe it was 80 degrees on April 25th.  I had a very productive 1/2 day.  I dug out an old raised bed area to make way for  new raised bed.  With the dirt I removed from that area I moved it to one of the new raised beds to make way for strawberries.  Yep, I’m going try growing my own.  I’ve got 100 plants coming the end of this month, beginning of May so my bed is now ready for them.  I also planted Larkspur under my grape plants.  These flowers supposively repel Japenese Beetles.  I also planted Borage seeds and nasturtium seeds.  Oh yeah, can’t forget I planted three different kinds of lettuce seeds too.

Weekend adventures of 4/11/09

dsc022091 This is a picture of my tomato plants.  Some of them I have already transplanted into yogurt containers, thus the space in some of the containers.  Just putting my hands in the small amount of dirt is so nice!!!!! Looking forward greatly to spring!!!

Here’s our future pig log cabin.  It’s about half-done.  We are running out of time – we have a couple of pigs coming at the end of the month.