So many things…

We are thankful for Sadie Jenkins who came to the farmers’ market with her resume looking for work.  We hired her one week later.  She has been great.  Very knowledgeable.

We are thankful for discovering Dan Kittridge and the Real Food Campaign classes.  We have received so much information from these two classes and have incorporated them into the farm.  Last year we could get nothing to grow.  This year, it is amazing and very abundant.  We are looking forward to our delivery of 25 tons of composted seaweed and crushed clam shells this week along with Nemitodes this week to combat the grubs and Japanese Beetles.

We are thankful that our neighbors are allowing us to lease their 3 acre field next door so we can really expand our vegetable production again next year.

And finally, we are blessed with our customers who continue to support us and provide us with amazing feedback on our vegetables.