We were proud to contribute a soil sample for this study.  Shows how important farming organically over conventional is.


Farm to Table

We had the great pleasure of planning the ​1st annual Taste of Gilmanton event that occurred on September 24th.  All the food was supplied by Gilmanton farmers and cooked by Gilmanton chefs.  Talk about local!  We capped ticket sales to 60 which sold out in a couple weeks.  If you would like to be kept up to date on this event, please get on the email list at  Here’s some pictures of the evening.

Nemotoids Are Our Friends

Here is Keith with the backpack sprayer spreading nemotoids in the garden.  After much research by him, we found a strain that would help decrease the



population of our unfriendly flea beetles, cucumber beetles, squash bugs, potato beetles and much more and of course we have the dog overseeing the operation.

Last Day of Maple

Today is our last day boiling. We’ve been battling the weather all season, warm, cold, snow, rain, mud, mud and more mud. Although we were closed for maple weekend, it was a low turnout for many producers who were open. Totals are down as well. We’ve made 70% of what me made last year and that appears to be consistant with other producers as well. So, as we close the chapter of another season of producing maple, it’s time to move on to the next chapter, planting. Adios maple, May next season be bette



We are participating in CSA day.  Everyone who purchases a CSA share or a pay ahead card from us by February 28, 2016, will receive an additional 10% purchasing power.  Act quickly, the end of this month is almost here.  #csaday #stillseekingfarm