Rock Dust

We have 32 tons of rock dust being delivered tomorrow. This is one of the key ingredients to growing the way we do. We will be selling this to anyone who is interested in using this on their gardens. We still have to figure out pricing.


We went picking strawberries this morning. I think we went a little overboard. We made 59 jars of jam, including rhubarb and sugarless and put up 20 quarts in the freezer for future jam making. Plus we did some garden work and harvested for the CSA pick up this afternoon. Very, very productive day.

Summer markets end

Today was the last day for the summer markets for the season. We start our winter market schedule on Thursday from 3-6 at the Skate Escape in Laconia on Court Street. A change from last year. This time it will be every Thursday through May – a total of 34 weeks!

Also we note our blog followers have doubled in the past week. Not sure how this happened but THANK YOU! Let us know if you have any questions or want us to focus on something in particular.

We brought our Hakurei Turnips for the first time to the markets this week. They were well received. A small nice white turnip – radish size. You can eat them raw, sliced in a salads and we’ve discovered so many recipes for them – not just salads. We are handing out about 5 recipes to go along with the turnips for serving suggestions. There are many tasty ones that we are looking forward to trying.

It’s All About Fall

Been busy planting our succession plantings for fall. We will have plenty of head/leaf head lettuce as you can see in the picture below. These will be put out in the field this week. We’ve got carrots germinating nicely in the greenhouse. Turnips, radishes, lettuce mix and spinach are growing nicely in the field as pictured below. Looking forward to a nice array of fall produce. We will continue to offer our kale and chard which is already established and we’ve got 100 plus broccoli in the field already for harvesting later this month. Times are good!

Nutrient Dense Food

Here’s a couple pictures.  One of them is our lettuce mix.  The other is a nearby weed.  Look at how chewed up the weed is and not the lettuce mix.  We are feeding our soil which increases the natural sugar content in our vegetables.  Bugs don’t like that so they avoid it and gravitate towards the weeds which don’t have that higher sugar content.  I hope these pictures post ok.  Lately they have been off centered when I hit post.



Another great day – May 25, 2012

Ok just finished day 2 of a 5 day weekend. Accomplished a lot today too much too list but the highlights were – eating the fresh greens from our garden (in the picture). Yesterday, we went to pick up rock dust from a MA farm – this is part of our remineralizing the land – the color was unbelievable, a pearlescent blue/green/gray – gorgeous and shimmering color – it just glowed in the garden. I’m sure the land is very happy right now.Image

Can’t Get any Better Than This


What a gorgeous day.  I was outside all day long.  I can now check off the following things from my list:

  • Planted the gorgeous swiss chard to the right in the picture above in the garden (about 80 plants).
  • Planted 135 feet of yellow beans
  • Planted 135 feet of green beans
  • Planted 180 feet of cut lettuce
  • Planted 240 feet of carrots
  • Planted 160 feet of beets
  • Not on the list but had some extra time – weeded the entire greenhouse
  • Planted a flat of head lettuce
  • Planted a flat of pickling cukes
  • Planted a flat of Orient Express cukes (new variety this year)
  • Did three loads of laundry and hung it outside to dry
  • Made a new dessert recipe for supper:  Rhubard Maple Toasted Bread Pudding
  • Made a new recipe for supper:  Greek Spinach-Asparagus-Potato Gratin

Just had our ne…

Just had our next to the last farm camp class today.  Learning a lot through this holistic management class.  Home all day tomorrow And my list is long?  Just readied three beds tonight for planting tomorrow.

A Productive Day

Today was a great day.  Planted 50 raspberry plants, readied the new asparagus bed and planted 50 of those, reseeded the flats with various seeds of ones that did not germinate, put chicken wire up around the greenhouse to keep chickens out and move the chicken fence to greener pastures.  Quite a productive day.  Here’s a picture of the new asparagus bed. You will note a couple of supervisors inspecting our job.


June 26 a very productive day!

Well I’ve just had the week off and was it nice.  Sure would like another week off!  Back to work tomorrow.  Of all the days this past week I have to say this was the most productive and it was only 1/2 a day!

It started when we got a visit from a friend yesterday who had tons of extra veggie plants that he was tossing out and wanted to know if we could use them.  So off I went this morning to pick them up.  316 various plants consisting of broccoli, cauliflower, egg plant, brussel sprouts, hot peppers, bell peppers, and cabbage.  Got them all planted today.  Here’s some pictures.

cauliflower and cabbage.

Sometimes a picture just doesn’t capture what you are looking.  In the forefront are 3 rows of potatoes that I just hilled up, then cabbages and lettuce and squashes plus others.

Another sideways picture that I don’t know how to make straight!  Annoying!  Hot peppers and cauliflower.

Strawberry garden and other plants.

Other half of strawberry garden:  glads, onions and radishes.

Chicken in the strawberry garden!  Why can’t they stay in their fenced in area which has nice green grass!