Paleo Challenge Update

Quick post on how we are doing.  We are just about half way.  Michelle has lost 5 pounds.  Keith has lost 10 pounds.  Not much movement on the body fat though; actually Michelle’s is going up (makes no sense).  We pretty much just eat vegetables and meat and herbs/spices.  We use good fats such as avocado oil, olive oil, coconut oil.  Lots and lots of eggs.  I’ve never eaten so much eggs and meat!  I am finding it hard as far as meal prep.  I like to cook what I know.  Now I am having to plan and find recipes and figure out my meals for the day the night before.  Just made Paleo Shepherd’s Pie last night.  A picture below shows the mess in the kitchen and the final product.  It was good.   The stuff that looks like potatoes is actually cauliflower.  Wouldn’t even know it huh? Michelle feels much more mobile – aches and pains are gone.  We will post a final post at the end of the month.  Stay tuned….20180113_17505320180113_182641

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