Boot Camp

Today ends a week long vacation for Michelle.   Working at the farm as opposed to sitting in an office is like boot camp.  Off to work at 8 am and work sometimes until 6 pm.  Walking alot.  We’ve got Fitbits so we track our steps and active minutes.  It’s a lot.  You certainly work your core and back muscles and even your shoulders and legs.

This week has seen a lot of varied weather.  But still no rain.  WE NEED RAIN.  Did I mention we need rain?  Some of the tasks done this week as we scrambled to get things done:  destump part of the field, had a bomb fire with the branches, cleared the stumps and rocks from that part of the field, amended beds, layed plastic on those beds, threw rock and threw more rocks.  Planted the following plants: 300 tomatoes, 225 various varieties of peppers, 50 broccoli, 100 pac choi, 50 summer squash, 50 zucchini, 33 basil, seeded the following, some of which is a second planting:  beets, carrots, radishes, spinach, lettuce mix, green and yellow beans.  Got up at 4 am to water the strawberries as temperatures went down to 33 Degrees.  Good news – they made it.  More:  cut fire wood, watered plants in the green house, foliar fed plants, hand watered seeds in the field (that was a lot of work), meetings Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.  Aren’t the lilacs gorgeous this year?  Very plentiful. 

 So it’s been a very challenging beginning of the season.  Temperatures dipping almost to freezing – praying that nothing in the garden gets damaged, flats of vegetables getting eaten by something, flats tipping over onto the ground upside down.  Planting schedule very messed up this year – plants very small.  So we have amended them and fed them well in the hopes they will survive.  An entire bed of onions (300 feet long) lost to the weather.  Michelle forgot to order glad bulbs so they aren’t even here yet.    So we always like to stay positive but this season so far is picking away at us.  So, I will end this post with:  WE NEED RAIN.  Thanks for reading.  I feel better now.

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