Sugar sap

percentage of sugar in the sap in one of our sugar bushes.  Don’t get that reading very often.  3 1/2 percent. 

3 comments on “Sugar sap

  1. Bill C. says:

    I think next year I may have to get me one of those measuring devices. I am scared that the sugar content in my Reds may be lower than I think! 😄

  2. Hivetender says:

    To the novice…what does that mean? Less boiling? Better maple? I can’t imagine your maple getting any better!

    • The more sugar in your sap, yes less boiling time. We got 2 1/2 percent yesterday in our sugarbush. But we’ve been getting 1 3/4 to 2 percent. We have red maples so getting a high sugar content in those is highly unlikely. The sugar maples produce more sugar content.

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