Tank pipes are unthawed and we should start boiling around 11:30 a.m. today.  Our barn store is open which has maple syrup, maple fudge, maple brownies, maple merique, and maple cookies plus other goodies. Stil giving tours and anticipate the sap to be gushing through the releaser this afternoon.  Come out for a visit on the beautiful sunny day!



TODAY: Open from 10-3. We will be RO’ing starting around 10 if anyone wants to see this process. We will begin boiling around 11:15. Bring your boots! In our barn store we will have jams, maple fudge, eggs, maple syrup, mulled cider and more and Herbal Earth will be selling her products. We will also have a yard sale table. Hope to see folks today.  


So last year’s maple season was not the greatest on earth but we managed to get 100 gallons.  So we thought no way would we get two years in a row of a bad season.  Well it sure is looking that way this season as well unfortunately.  We have boiled three times so far and have not drawn off one time.  Maple weekend is next weekend and so far we have no product to sell.  Next week’s weather looks promising.  So let all pray that Mother Nature turns around to aid us maple syrup producers so we can provide some sweet stuff to all you folks.