Just pulled all of our beets from the garden. Now to pickle them all. The picture shows the beets that we picked minus the 2 pots that are already on the stove boiling away. I think there are a lot more beets than we thought. Yikes. This could be an all day/night marathon of beet pickling.


Dry Beans

Here’s some dried beans that we just finished husking. These were grown this summer. Will be growing much more on a larger scale next year.


Chilly & Farm Report

It was 33 degrees this morning when we woke up at 5:30. It dropped to 32. Just took a walk around it certainly is a bit frosty. We’ve had some successive cold morning this week. It seems the cold is starting to set it. After hanging on for an extremely long time, the peppers finally gave in to the frost so they are done. Pictured here are some frost tipped lettuce heads. They should come out of it well enough.



The field where we planted the strawberries is doing exceptionally well. We planted field peas and oats and they are growing amazing well. Look how tall they are. It will take a few frosts to knock these down.


20131026-080720.jpg. Look how tall they are in comparison to the strawberries (which are on the black plastic).


Progress on the barn has been very slow. Keith has had a couple off farm jobs which have slowed the progress down tremendously. With the exception of one more day next week, he will be focused strictly on the barn after that. We are running out of time as the barn needs to be up by December.


We finished planting 2,023 garlic last week. A week later than what we would like to see. This is more than we have ever planting. We are doing a little experiment. We have an area that we planted with small garlic. We are going to see how big the bulbs will be when we harvest next July.

We will be having our farm meeting soon. We will be planning out next year. We already know we are going to get more laying chickens. We will be getting heritage breeds. We have some heritage breeds now and they far surpass the NH reds we have. We will be getting more Wyndottes and are thinking about Chantecler as these are a great meat bird after their life as a layer is over. We will also be making minor changes to the CSA structure. It was a very successful year with the CSA and we have much positive feedback. We will be increasing our limit on the number of families that can join. We hope to release the form at the end of November.

Finally are firewood for the season has been neglected. We’ve been working on it now here and there for a couple of weeks. We hope to get what we need done by Monday. We will be pulling the rest of the beets from the garden on Monday and will make pickled beets with them. That’s about it for now. Will post pictures of the barn progress on the blog so stay tuned.

Winter food

Winter food in the greenhouse looking good, includes spinach, red leaf green leaf sangria and romaine which are all head lettuces, as well as kale Swiss chard and carrots. We have some green beans, yellow beans, cherry tomatoes, beets and carrots and greens left over from the market if anyone wants to stop by this afternoon to pick some up we will be around. We also have our jams, granola, maple syrup and granola available.