Garlic Time

We haven’t posted in a while. We’ve been really busy trying to deal with this crazy weather. We also picked up another market on Wednesdays, here in our home town of Gilmanton. Just planted in the garlic some spinach and our last seeding of green beans. Beans have been a struggle this year for us with this crazy weather; everything else has been ok. Seeded in flats some kale for the winter greenhouse and the last batch lettuce heads. Hard to believe August 1 is Wednesday. Despite the crazy weather, the summer has flown by.

We started harvesting garlic yesterday. So far about five of the stalks I tried to pull broke off. I had to dig in the ground and find the bulb, the picture shows the ones that I had to search for in the ground after the stalk broke off. For size comparison, there is a quarter next to them. Look at the root system.P1030707I think these are the biggest ones yet!

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