We survived

Memorial Day weekend for us is usually a very productive weekend. As you all know, we’ve been dealing with rain all week and snow and frost this weekend. The ground is too wet to plant anything so everything sits in the greenhouse, waiting…

We covered up the peppers last night (we had some planted) and we covered up the green beans. Covering up the 72 tomato plants that we had planted Friday morning was a bit more of a challenge having to deal with the windy conditions. We trelis our tomatoes on cow panels. We have about 70 feet we have to cover. We hauled our remay out that we had used earlier. What a battle trecking out there in the muck, sinking to our chins and then trying to tied the remay to the cattle panels while the wind was whipping around. I swear we had a parachute affect and if I was not holding on, I suspect I would have taken off in the wind. We managed to get it done. This morning it appears we did not get a frost and everything has survived. What a week of weather. I will leave you with this beautiful picture. While I was surveying the garden, it appears I should have worn my boots. Into the muck I go along with one of my shoes which I had to dig out. Gotta love it!


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