Splitting wood

OK so the loggers are almost done. They won’t be back until Tuesday so in the meantime we moved our log splitter over to the maple syrup house where we have the huge pile of wood awaiting to be split. So I got home early afternoon yesterday so I decided to split for a couple of hours to get warmed up for more splitting today. Of course my husband said he started the splitter after 8 pulls. So I go out there yesterday and pull and pull and pull and nothing. Then the pull cord decides to not go back in as much so I’m pulling with only have the cord; then the cord decides not to go back in at all – any part of it! So of course I got no wood split. Was not happy. So reported the news to the husband when he got home after a 12 hour day. He took the pull cord thing off and put brake cleaner on and it worked! So back out we go put the pull cord thing back on and he pulls – 8 times and it starts! So I would have really liked to have had some daylight so I could have split then and there. Ok so now it’s Sunday and I head out there and I pull, and pull and pull some and keep pulling and nothing. So I screaming at the thing, swearing at the thing and other things. I’m so mad because I really wanted to split some wood. So I took my agression out and hand split some wood with the maul. The entire time saying this is stupid all I want to do is split wood. So I go and try starting the thing again. Same thing, pull and pull and pull, nothing. So I go back to splitting some more wood. Thinking that if any neighbors were watching they probably would have been cracking up. So I tried one more time and got it started!!! So I’ve just split for about 2 hours and am taking a break – my forearms are killing me. Just keep in mind that this is the female half of the farm writing the post. Didn’t want the male half of the farm to get a bad reputation. I’ll be back at it momentarily.

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