A Year in Review

As I went through pictures from this past year, I realize we really did accomplish a lot this year. We got to use our new evaporator and hood for maple syrup making (even though the season was not that long because of the weather). We finished the drainage around the garden to help with the standing water in the garden. We put up two greenhouses, we added many nutrients to the garden soil and what a difference it made since we weren’t even able to grow any root crops last year. This was our first year hiring some one. Our first year using plastic in the garden (this was an amazing time saver). We signed a lease to lease an additional 3 acres next door and finally to end the year out, the loggers started clearing out our pine trees – saving the best trees for the miller to mill for our barn next year. It was a great year, very abundant in vegetable production. We got to meet many new customers and say hello again to our existing customers. Next year, will be a new barn and our first go around with a marketshare CSA. 2013 will be an exciting time, as was 2012. Thank you all to supporting us in the past and we hope to meet many more new customers next year. Enjoy the pictures that follow.
New Evaporator & Hood
First Greenhouse is up
Black Gold Compost!
First Year w/ Plastic
Lots of Transplants
Head lettuce
New Market Display
zuccini flowers 7-2-2012
2nd Greenhouse Up
Glads & Cukes
Fall garden

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