OK tis the season for a give away. I’m tired of our Facebook likes being stuck at 214. Let’s try and increase that. Hoping for 300 likes by the end of the year. The 300th like gets our own homemade 16 oz. package of granola (plain or raisin), our own wild blueberry jam (your choice of with or without sugar), and an 8 oz jar of honey. So go ahead and share this post, tell your friends, talk to people about us, etc. Also, as a reminder we are now accepting sign ups for our CSA market share next season. See our website for the form.

3 comments on “Giveaway!!

  1. cathy matthews says:

    did you leave your bee hive outside during the winter? a friend of mine moved her’s into a shed and provided syrup during the winter and her bees wintered over fine. another person that i read about up here in nh piled straw bales around their hives and just left a small opening so the bees could get out when the weather was warmer. hope this helps and i don’t know if you read mother earth news, but it is a great publication and it is only 10 dollars if you sign up on line. their web site has just tons of information and a page to talk to a lot of people willing to share their experience with others. If i could find a way to earn enough money to do it i would love to have a small farm. a lot of knowledge and no where to use it. Good luck, hope you do wonderful on your farm.

    • Hello, we don’t move the bees inside. We do wrap them with “insulation” for added warmth. They can still get out if there is a warm day. Some people will put their hives next to a wind barrier to help in the winter. I use to get Mother Earth News but there was too much advertising so switched to Countryside. Have you heard of that one? Same content just not so much advertising. It doesn’t matter how big your place is you can start small by incorporating what you are learning. Thanks for your comment and good luck to you. Michelle

      • cathy matthews says:

        thank you for replying to me. if you go to mother’s web site you can get a lot of info and pass the ads. lol. i also get countryside magazine. love them both. Hope you have a very Merry Christmas and a wonder New Year. 🙂

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