A Year in Review

As I went through pictures from this past year, I realize we really did accomplish a lot this year. We got to use our new evaporator and hood for maple syrup making (even though the season was not that long because of the weather). We finished the drainage around the garden to help with the standing water in the garden. We put up two greenhouses, we added many nutrients to the garden soil and what a difference it made since we weren’t even able to grow any root crops last year. This was our first year hiring some one. Our first year using plastic in the garden (this was an amazing time saver). We signed a lease to lease an additional 3 acres next door and finally to end the year out, the loggers started clearing out our pine trees – saving the best trees for the miller to mill for our barn next year. It was a great year, very abundant in vegetable production. We got to meet many new customers and say hello again to our existing customers. Next year, will be a new barn and our first go around with a marketshare CSA. 2013 will be an exciting time, as was 2012. Thank you all to supporting us in the past and we hope to meet many more new customers next year. Enjoy the pictures that follow.
New Evaporator & Hood
First Greenhouse is up
Black Gold Compost!
First Year w/ Plastic
Lots of Transplants
Head lettuce
New Market Display
zuccini flowers 7-2-2012
2nd Greenhouse Up
Glads & Cukes
Fall garden


OK tis the season for a give away. I’m tired of our Facebook likes being stuck at 214. Let’s try and increase that. Hoping for 300 likes by the end of the year. The 300th like gets our own homemade 16 oz. package of granola (plain or raisin), our own wild blueberry jam (your choice of with or without sugar), and an 8 oz jar of honey. So go ahead and share this post, tell your friends, talk to people about us, etc. http://www.facebook.com/stillseekingfarmllc Also, as a reminder we are now accepting sign ups for our CSA market share next season. See our website for the form. http://www.stillseekingfarmllc.com/market-share-csa.html

Exciting Times…

Looking forward to the arrival of our bed former/plastic layer sometime this month. We plan on laying a lot of plastic next year and putting straw in between the rows to cut down on the weeding. This will also add some extra nutrients into the soil as the straw breaks down.

Not sure if I’ve mentioned it before but the other half of this farm, broke his wrist last month so our laundry list of items has slowed down quite a bit from being completed. And as fate would have it, a logger (someone we use to buy grapple loads of wood from) stopped by and was looking for a small job to keep him busy until the next one started up. So they offered to cut down all of our pines (which has been our plan all along – said pine to be milled into lumber for our barn). They take the unusable pine away, and keep the millable (is this a word?) pine for us. We have our miller already lined up as soon as the logger is done. He will mill all of the pine for us (in 3 days time) so in the spring we can build our 24 x 36 post and beam barn. All of our permits have been submitted. The process is underway. We’ve been waiting two long years for this to happen and it is finally here. We have done many things since we moved here two years ago, but for me (an impatient person) it seems like the checking off of the laundry list is a mighty slow process. This is one great big step forward – looking forward to the progress.

Green bean seeds anyone?

Ok just got box 1 of my seed order today from Johnny’s. I lifted it up saying to myself boy is this heavy. I opened it up expecting to see all of my seeds but it only contained one package of seeds, 25,000 seeds of Provider green beans. Meant to order 5,000. Anyone want any at our cost? Let us know.