Garlic Planting

This weekend is our garlic planting weekend. We always try and plant around Columbus Day weekend. This year we saved all of our nice big bulbs that we grew this summer (and there were some really nice ones!) for seeds. For those of you who don’t know, you take apart the bulbs and each clove is your seed. The bigger clove, the better. Today I planted 302 of the Georgian Fire. I also took them all apart this morning. I just finished taken apart the German Extra Hardy ones and they total 676, plus I added more of the Georgian Fire so this year’s total garlic seeds to be planted will be 1,032!!! Yeah – our first year over 1,000. I hope to finish planting these tomorrow and then one more thing off the list. Take a look at these pictures. Some of these cloves are huge – look at them compared to the quarter in the picture.

The box to the left (below) are seed garlic bulbs. The box to the right are the bulbs broken down to cloves. 1,032 seed garlic this year. Looking forward to next year’s garlic harvest!

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