Website update

Last night we sat down and figured out what we will be growing next year. We’ve posted the list on the website if you want to take a look. We’ve also posted some information on the market share CSA we will be offering next year as well.


2 comments on “Website update

  1. Anne Turner says:

    I went thru the whole website, photos, lists, blog, etc… I just cannot believe the energy you have to do all this beside a regular out-of-the-farm job! I had lunch with your mom yesterday in St. J. and she told me about your farm, but I was really unprepared for what I discovered on the website!!! Congratulations to you and Keith on a more than totally fulfilled life! You both are doing such an extraordinary job! As you will remember, I live in the NEK of VT, just like Sim, but will definitely try to make it to a farmer’s market in Laconia next Spring or Summer to see you and buy your wonderful products! Wonderful way, Michele!

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