We have inspired a co-worker at my husbands work to put his house on the market so he can find a bigger piece of land and do what we are doing. This is such a great feeling. His house went on the market on Monday.

We made it through

Our 8 hours of work on Sunday (two of us) paid off as we made it through Sandy. All greenhouses still intact and the veggies in the garden survived as well. After pulling off the remay on Sunday and securing that so it wouldn’t blow around, we discovered we have broccoli. Heads about 2 inches wide but they look really good. I know lots of our customers have been waiting for our broccoli. Soon, very soon!

Still plenty of green around…

What a great feeling November 1st is just around the corner and we still have plenty of vegetables available. Just some random pictures of how things are looking.

spinach, turnips, radishes, parsley shown here

Greenhouse #1: carrots, leeks, spinach, radishes and turnips

Table of greens: lettuce mix, spinach, turnips, romaine, radishes

Head lettuce is starting to look really good.

We seem to have acquired a cat. It’s black with really cool green eyes. I think it’s a young cat, thin and very hungry – we have been feeding it. And finally, we have begun construction again on the homestead. We only seem to have the time in October to November. It’s nice to finally tackle this again after waiting for a year.