Summer markets end

Today was the last day for the summer markets for the season. We start our winter market schedule on Thursday from 3-6 at the Skate Escape in Laconia on Court Street. A change from last year. This time it will be every Thursday through May – a total of 34 weeks!

Also we note our blog followers have doubled in the past week. Not sure how this happened but THANK YOU! Let us know if you have any questions or want us to focus on something in particular.

We brought our Hakurei Turnips for the first time to the markets this week. They were well received. A small nice white turnip – radish size. You can eat them raw, sliced in a salads and we’ve discovered so many recipes for them – not just salads. We are handing out about 5 recipes to go along with the turnips for serving suggestions. There are many tasty ones that we are looking forward to trying.

What we’ve been up to…

Hoop house #2 is up and we will be growing greens in this one on tables – the bottom of them will be heated when needed.

Remember that huge wood pile I posted on a while ago. Well we’ve been busy splitting – it’s gotten smaller.

Hoop house veggies coming along (L-R: carrotts, leeks, spinach). We will be planting radishes and turnips today.

Fall crops in the field (L-R: broccoli, turnips and beets)

In this row we have parsley, radishes and lettuce mix.

And finally, spinach is coming along nicely, with turnips in the back which should be ready this week.

Green Tomatoes Anyone?

We’ve got 19 pounds of green tomatoes left over. Just got a batch of piccalili going and can’t fit anything more in the pot. Anybody want some green tomatoes? They are kind of small though. $12.00 for the entire lot of them. You just need to come get them by Sunday or Monday before they start turning red. Reply to the blog or email us if you are interested.

It’s All About Fall

Been busy planting our succession plantings for fall. We will have plenty of head/leaf head lettuce as you can see in the picture below. These will be put out in the field this week. We’ve got carrots germinating nicely in the greenhouse. Turnips, radishes, lettuce mix and spinach are growing nicely in the field as pictured below. Looking forward to a nice array of fall produce. We will continue to offer our kale and chard which is already established and we’ve got 100 plus broccoli in the field already for harvesting later this month. Times are good!