Hard to believe September is tomorrow. We’ve been so busy this summer trying to get ahead. We have had our best garden ever as far as vegetables coming out of it. So what we are doing is working. Customers are coming back because they like the taste of our vegetables. So far this season, I’ve put up 30 quarts of spaghetti sauce, lots of bread and pickles and pickled beets – more to come each weekend. Nothing like our own homemade spaghetti sauce in the dead of the winter with our own tomatoes, garlic, green peppers, onion, parsley and basil. Yum!

We have been busy planting for fall. We will have beets, carrots, turnips, radishes, kale, lettuce (cut and head) and spinach. We will also try our hand in winter growing and early spring growing. We will be attending the Thursday winter farmer’s market in Laconia this year. This will be a weekly event this season. And, we are excited about our own market share CSA which we will be offering next year.

Finally, it appears we may actually be building our post and beam barn this spring. We’ve been wanting to build this since we moved here. We will be milling the wood from our own pine trees on our property. Exciting times ahead for us and our farm. Hoping you will come along for the ride.

Productivity Today!

So much done today with two days off now from the office work. Finished grading the greenhouse (picture); planted spinach, turnips, lettuce mix, radishes, carrots, and leeks both in the field and in the greenhouse. Readied several beds for winter planting. Greenhouse #1 is looking great which is now planted with carrots and leeks. Very productive day today! LOVE IT.
Also, we are thinking of adding a market share CSA for the 2013 season. Briefly, you purchase a share, which could be purchased from one of our participating markets or the farm, on what you want. What do you think?

Pictures of the day – August 21, 2011

This is all we have left of 800 onions – now drying. Guess we need to plant more next year.

Just picked Glads.

Summer squash and egg plant.

Heads of lettuce in flats for the fall.

Bumble Bee on a dwarf sunflower.

Hoop house #1 being cleaned out for fall/winter planting.

Groundbreaking for hoop house #2.

Nice picture of freshly harvested goodies.


So we’ve been lucky to be able to lease a 3 acre field right next door to our property for next year’s vegetable expansion. So we’ve begun cleaning the wood lot. We spent the entire day yesterday doing this and some time this morning. Here’s some pictures of the day. Note: we are way behind on getting our wood ready for the winter. Here’s what we gathered so far. Now we have to find the time to split it!


So many things…

We are thankful for Sadie Jenkins who came to the farmers’ market with her resume looking for work.  We hired her one week later.  She has been great.  Very knowledgeable.

We are thankful for discovering Dan Kittridge and the Real Food Campaign classes.  We have received so much information from these two classes and have incorporated them into the farm.  Last year we could get nothing to grow.  This year, it is amazing and very abundant.  We are looking forward to our delivery of 25 tons of composted seaweed and crushed clam shells this week along with Nemitodes this week to combat the grubs and Japanese Beetles.

We are thankful that our neighbors are allowing us to lease their 3 acre field next door so we can really expand our vegetable production again next year.

And finally, we are blessed with our customers who continue to support us and provide us with amazing feedback on our vegetables.