Today is a great day.  We have hired an actual real worker and she started today and was early!  What a great feeling it was to leave the house and head to the office knowing that my husband had an experienced farm worker helping him today.  We may even be able to pick her brain as she has worked on many organic farms before.  She’ll be working full-time for a couple of weeks (so we can get caught up on stuff) and then dropping down to a couple of days a week.  Maybe we will be able to dig ourselves out from the tunnel or should I say weeds!


Garlic harvesting has begun.  We pulled about 25 last week and sold some at the market this year.  We’ve grown garlic for many years and this has been the best ever.  Nice thick stalks and a lot of big bulbs and cloves.  Plenty of seed garlic for next year.  Here’s a small portion of what I just pulled and set up for drying.  Much more to pull.  Look at the size of some of them in the picture compared to the smaller one in the picture.




Can you spell B-E-A-N-S?Image  Yep, bumper crop just picked.  There’s 20 pounds in this picture.  We have a preorder for 7 pounds but the rest will be for sale, for the first time this season, at tomorrow’s farmer’s market, Main Street, Laconia from 3 to 7 p.m.  Hope to see some of you there!


Got a lot done today.  Weeded the asparagus bed, the basil and the calendula and sunflower beds.We have hired a helper to combat our weed problem.  We are making a dent and it is a great feeling.  The helper weeded today and we made a dent in some of the weeds along the plastic.  We also planted more cucumber seeds and summer squash and zucchini on plastic.  And of course, we picked blueberries and ate some too!  

We are growing a new cucumber this year.  It is called Orient Express – grows about 12 inches long.  This pictures shows two of them at the bottom and two of our standard pickling cukes at the top.  We had a farm family visit the farm today and we picked one of these Orient Express cucumbers and they ate it right there in the field.  They loved it.  So don’t we, and our dogs do too.  Guess we will grow this again.  They are very eye catching too.


Random Shots – July 2, 2012



1. Jerico leaf lettuce (green); Red fire leaf lettuce (red)

 2.  Beans – first planting – looking good.  Flowers are just starting to open now.

3.  Zuccini row with all the flowers opened up for pollination.  Come on over bees!

4.  Zuccini flowers

As you can see weeding is an issue, but we’ve kept up with it pretty well (not counting the rows).  We are currently seeking someone to work 1 to 2 days a week this summer.  If you know of anyone, send them our way.