Another successful Saturday’s farmers market.  Would like to thank all of our Customers.  It is so nice to see everyone again this summer from the long winter reprieve.   It’s so nice to hear the words “Thank you for doing what you do”.  It is very welcome after a week of no supper Because you are in the garden harvesting until dark or weeding or some other farm chore?  Our customers are the best.  You are our support system!


Gorgeous Head Lettuce

This is the first time this year that we are growing head lettuce.  This variety called Sangria, I’m in love with.  It is such a nice looking head and the colors are really magnificent.


Nutrient Dense Food

Here’s a couple pictures.  One of them is our lettuce mix.  The other is a nearby weed.  Look at how chewed up the weed is and not the lettuce mix.  We are feeding our soil which increases the natural sugar content in our vegetables.  Bugs don’t like that so they avoid it and gravitate towards the weeds which don’t have that higher sugar content.  I hope these pictures post ok.  Lately they have been off centered when I hit post.