Cleanse wrap up

The cleanse is done.  The last four days was somewhat of a challenge.  It seemed like we had every type of food conceivable, that we don’t usually have at work, these past two weeks.  From numerous birthdays (where everyone gets a cake to share) to left over pizza (to the tune of 4 boxes left over), to cheese and crackers, veggie and dips (veggies are fine, but not the dip) to administrative professionals day (various yummy sandwiches on croissants with assorted mini desserts.  I managed to avoid all except for a couple of pieces of smoked cheese and boy was that good!  We did go out to eat at Longhorn Steak house on Tuesday (my son was home from the Navy on leave so we all went out).  I managed to stay within my diet by getting baked sweet potato, with butter and cinnamon, steamed veggies and grilled shrimp with a house salad.  That grilled shrimp was yummy!  My husband caved yesterday by having a hot dog (the last day) and a cup of Dunkin coffee in the AM.  Said coffee tasted different and only had 5 sips and threw the rest away (that’s what he gets for cheating).

Overall, glad we did the cleanse probably will do it again next year.  We did however, spend an extra $400 in that three week period by buying all organic veggies, etc.  It was a good thing that I had frozen a lot of berries from last year to use in the shakes otherwise it would have been a lot more expensive.

Total weight loss:  Me 12.2 pounds; my husband 19 pounds.

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