Day 6 and 7

DAY 6:

Breakfast:  Shake made with fresh squeezed OJ, blueberries and bananas

Lunch: Lentil soup

Dinner:  standard shake

Snack:  carrots

Feeling really great – lots of energy.

Weight loss:  Me 7.6 lbs. My husband 10.2 lbs.


Breakfast:  standard shake

Lunch:  Amy’s golden lentil soup (this stuff is pretty good)

Dinner:  Veggie stir fry with brown rice

Snacks:  apple, carrots

Massive energy this morning – bouncing off the walls.

Weight Loss:  Ah – I gained back .8 lbs.  Imagine that – must be that office sitting.  Proves that working in an office is hazardous to your health!  My husband is at 10.8 lbs.  He reports nothing has changed for him overall.  I however feel really great.  Don’t feel so old – my aches and pains have gone away.  It’s great.

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