No pictures this time.  It’s been a while since I posted.  Lots of struggles with growing this year.  We put lime down, then gypsum, then bloodmeal, manure tea and then compost to try and get things growing.  The last two seemed to do the trick.  We got beans, but had very few leaves on the beans.  They looked funny.  We’ve been getting summer squash and zukes.  Our green peppers aren’t very big and new ones don’t seem to be coming.  Our glads are looking great.  Still no red tomatoes.  Killed a couple tomato hornworms.  Those things are nasty but I have to say they are pretty.  Potatoes – some flowered, some didn’t.  Now we have the stupid potato beetles.  Should be interesting to see how much if any potatoes we get this year.  This may be the last year of growing them.  They take too much space and the last few years, the harvest has not been the greatest.  Couldn’t grow lettuce; couldn’t grow beets.  Had to buy beets to make pickled beets.  Bought 2 pecks.  Canned up 90 pints!!!  That should last me a while.  We’ve been getting plenty of cucumbers – they seem to be unaffected by the soil.  The weeds are beginning to come.  Not enough hours in the day between working a full time job.  The markets have been pretty good.  We have a lot of work to do on the house, i.e. dig a trench around the house and put in drainage, hoping for a roof and need to split some more firewood.  All before winter of course.  Really need more time.  Haven’t even got the greenhouse up yet – so much for fall/winter growing.  The list keeps getting longer and daylight keeps getting shorter.  Also, we lost both bee hives.  The joys of farming!