June 26 a very productive day!

Well I’ve just had the week off and was it nice.  Sure would like another week off!  Back to work tomorrow.  Of all the days this past week I have to say this was the most productive and it was only 1/2 a day!

It started when we got a visit from a friend yesterday who had tons of extra veggie plants that he was tossing out and wanted to know if we could use them.  So off I went this morning to pick them up.  316 various plants consisting of broccoli, cauliflower, egg plant, brussel sprouts, hot peppers, bell peppers, and cabbage.  Got them all planted today.  Here’s some pictures.

cauliflower and cabbage.

Sometimes a picture just doesn’t capture what you are looking.  In the forefront are 3 rows of potatoes that I just hilled up, then cabbages and lettuce and squashes plus others.

Another sideways picture that I don’t know how to make straight!  Annoying!  Hot peppers and cauliflower.

Strawberry garden and other plants.

Other half of strawberry garden:  glads, onions and radishes.

Chicken in the strawberry garden!  Why can’t they stay in their fenced in area which has nice green grass!

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