Garden planted

 Here’s some various pictures of the garden planted.  Just put in 250 glad bulbs this morning before the rain got to heavy.  Also put in the kale and some basil.  Started more flats inside with cucumbers, lettuce, cabbage and basil.  Those will go out later to continue our succession planting.  In the pictures our huge garden.  At the beginning in this picture is field peas and oats just starting to come up.  Nothing planted here yet – just trying to improve the soil a bit since this is our first year here.

Next is our tomatoes on our trelis system:  cow panels.  Also have a bit of cucumbers on the trelis system too.  Works great!

Next are various shots of beans, zukes and squash and overall size of garden with view of back of house and beautiful barn (ha ha, its coming down).  You can also see the pooling water in between the rows as its been raining all day.  That goodness for raised beds.





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