And finally…

I finally finished my first pair of socks.  Hey, it only took three months!!!!  I don’t know how people make a pair of socks in three days.  I don’t get it?  Here’s a picture.


So of course, I need to start another pair.  My first pair of lace socks, toe up.  I really like these……..


I suspect the knitting will slow way down now that the garden has started to sprout.  Hopefully, I will get a camera soon so I can take some pictures!

Camera is water logged

Sad news, now that I’ve decided to use my camera alot and post pictures on this blog I go and drop it in a lake.  Luckily it wasn’t too deep so I grabbed it but the camera is dead; however I pulled the card out and the pictures are saved.  So what follows are several post of pictures that I have taken the past couple of weeks and have been wanting to upload so here they are.  Not sure when the next post will be – need to buy a new camera some time along the way.  Yikes!  First pictures – red mustard growing where it wants – in the new Eqyptian onion bed.


A beautiful shot of Lady Slippers growing behind the house.  They are endangered in NH and we cannot pick them so I took a picture.  These are so nice.


Here’s a shot of a bee flying right above a rhodendrum flower and then a bee in the flower.


Finally got the pigs last Thursday.  Born April 12th.  Aren’t they cute!DSC02279