Hey, where did the queen go?

Keith went it and checked the bees.  I mentioned before that we installed two packages two weeks ago.  He needed to go in and make sure the queen was doing her thing.  Well, one of them was not doing her thing.  No eggs, no drones, and no brood.  A sure sign the queen was not there, or sterile.  The other was perfect.  Plenty of eggs, drones and brood.  So after a mild panic attack, we made some phone calls and located a queen, which happened to be my favorite knitter in crime partner.  After a made dash to her house (1/2 hour one way).  We came back and introduced the queen.  They liked her!  So hopefully, all will be well with that hive soon.  Here’s some pictures for your viewing pleasure.


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One comment on “Hey, where did the queen go?

  1. Queen Bee says:

    hey…flip those pictures so we can see your bee stud!

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