OK I sort of put knitting on the back burning for a while – like 2 years.  I decided I needed to start back up.  My friend sort of prodded me along.  She told me about  What a place.  I love it!  Anyhow, soon after I joined in the fun I signed up for the Three Irish Girls group forum.  They just so happen to be having a contest which I signed up for.  They picked 20 people out of over 1,700 and I was one of them!  I couldn’t believe it.  So here is a picture of the free skein of yarn I won and the scarf that I am making out of it.


3 comments on “Knitting

  1. Queen Bee says:

    Hey Girl,
    did i just get a mention in your blog, sort of? love the new yarn the the triangle shape you’ve got going. I that short row knitting? I haven’t singed up for the irish girls club yet buy boy do they have nice stuff.

  2. Ellen (Lnand) says:

    The yarn looks lovely knitted up. What colorway is this? Is it the Baktus-scarf?

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