Market Tomorrow

Tomorrow from 1 to 4 we will be at the Nottingham Farmers Market, across the street from the summer location – inside. (Route 152) Next to the library. There will be music and many vendors. Come check it out. We will have eggs, spinach, baby kale, beets, carrots, potatoes, onions and pie pumpkins. We wll also have our jams, maple syrup and granola.

It’s Been A While

Yes I know, I know, we haven’t posted in a very long time. If you follow us on Facebook, there is much more activity there. For dinner, we just made this. We used one of our pie pumpkins and stuffed it with sweet italian sausage, apple, cheese and maple syrup. It’s great, easy clean up – meal in a bowl. Yum.



Today was the first day that Hannah our new helper started. It was great to have a third hand today as we accomplished a lot and we are sure everyone will sleep well tonight. What we accomplished over the three day weekend: planted our plants: brussel sprouts, hot peppers, bell peppers, lunchbox peppers, green cabbage, red cabbage, all tomato plants and parsley. We also planted our glad bulbs. We seeded green beans and yellow beans and our second seeding of lettuce mix, spinach, beets and carrots. We also threw rocks, layed two more rows of plastic so we could plant the tomato plants. The only thing we did not get done was plant cucumbers and potatoes. We still have to ready these areas before they can go in the ground. Should be able to get these in by the end of the week.


We got a lot done this weekend. Turned out to be a nice weekend. We managed to move the chicken coop to greener pastures. We moved the baby chickens out to the coop. They are separated from the older chickens and will stay separated for a while. They are now 4 weeks old and have all of their feathers. They seem to like their new surroundings. We had and extra hand this weekend so work on the barn roof continued after having been put on the back burner. We got 290 pounds of potatoes cut up and ready for seeding next weekend. Seeded more vegetables. Put out our first round of lettuce heads and kale into the garden. Brought out several flats to the green house. Broccoli was put in the ground earlier this week. We are slightly behind schedule but doing the best that we can with the hours we have. Enjoy some of the pictures from the weekend.







We managed to get a lot accomplished this afternoon after the morning rain. We finished planting all of the onions, yellow 1,600 and leeks 2,372. We also planted 290 feet of beets, 300 feet of carrots, 300 feet of radishes, 300 feet of salad turnips, 300 feet of spinach and 300 feet of lettuce mix. It was good to get these seeded in the ground. Plus we needed to amend the one bed that we planted in. It was a productive afternoon.

Planting Begins

It was sure nice to get our hands in the dirt today and have the sun shine on our faces. Spring is here and the daffodils are up.

Just spent the day readying two beds. Ordered about 1200 red onions and for some reason we ended up planting 1,916! I guess they wanted us to plant extra this year! Still have leeks and yellow onions to plant. I’m thinking we are going to have sore backs tomorrow with all that bending over we did today.



Veggie Round Up

Folks, Lakes Region Food Network is currently fundraising for the Veggie Round Up. They did a brief intro last year. The markets we paraticipate in in Laconia will be participating this year. This is similar to the WIC coupons that were distributed through the Dept of Agriculture in prior years. The Veggie Round Up will be supported by donations only. It will benefit low income folks who cannot afford fresh vegetables at our markets. Here is a link if you wish to contribute to this important project.